Who are the Tech Members?
Tech Members is a group of talented technicians under the non-profit organization One Body Ministry

Our services are directed toward non-profit organizations that reach out and help our communities in positive ways.  Having technical support when they need it helps them to run their offices smoothly allowing them to focus on their mission.

Every organization uses some sort of technology to accomplish their tasks.  At times problems arise slowing or stopping those tasks.  That is where we come in.  We are equipped to solve problems and provide solutions for those in need of a helping hand. 

We do provide technical support for many types and variations of equipment.  Some of those include:  Windows, Office, networks, network security, internet access, phones, servers, DVR's, security cameras, VPN's and others.  We are their connection to technology.
We also assist with the design and implementation of servers, networks, backup methodologies, proactive solutions to prevent or reduce virus problems, adware/spyware, increase the speed of slow computers and networks, preventative maintenance, etc.

Why we do what we do:

We are a group of computer and network technicians who have pooled our God given talents, and our desire to help others.  Our desire is to continue using these talents to help non-profit organizations with their technical problems, freeing them to concentrate on their mission.  Many times these organizations do not have the funding themselves to pay for these sevices.  We can be their source of technical relief so that they may continue their services to the community.

The desire for this service is growing.  At this time we have to limit our outreach because of funds.  This is where you, the supporter come in.  In order to achieve our goal of reaching those in need of our services we need your support.  We are a 5013C charity.  Our work is funded by donations.  Please designate Tech Members as a recipient through One Body Ministry contributions.  Your generous donations are the primary source of our funding.  With your donations, these organizations can continue to do their work helping the community.

Our Goal:

See a need, fulfill it.  Give those reaching out to better our communities a helping hand.  Our services may seem small, but when that phone system breaks down, or the computer has failed once again, that is precious time wasted away that work isn't getting done.  Add to that the fact that funds may not be available for them to call in a technician for support.  What are they to do?



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Techmembers is a part of the One Body Ministry organization.